What Mbaliville is all about

Mbaliville; the prefix thereof is actually the name of the author/blogger Mbali. Who added the suffix  ‘-ville’ to add the concept of spatial awareness and environment. Mbali is a zulu term for flower. Flowers often have positive associations like Spring and Summer. The thought is flowers are bright and can improve the appearance of a hostile environment that could potentially encourage optimism with a single flower that inspires others to grow or bloom. Similarly, Mbaliville is somewhat a “utopia” of  ‘edutainment’ (educational & insightful entertainment) that seeks to encourage improvements of our surroundings as humanity. Through the sharing of knowledge and critique thereof. Hence the slogan Mbaliville: “A place where independent, critical thinkers share.”

The idea is to encourage a well-informed youth through a combination of entertaining writing with elements of contemporary multimedia. Essentially the content aims to be intersectional in addressing the oppressions and privileges that women of colour face.As well as critique violence, masculinity & ideas of femininity.


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